FA – Material Handling

Details: 1. Explain in detail the precautions and controls needed to eliminate injuries due to lifting, handling, and storing 400- 30-pound bags of cement each day for a 5-day workweek. Identify the steps to lifting a 30-pound bag of cement.

2. Explain proper material handling principles when operating a pallet jack. Identify the regulation that pertains to pallet jacks. Describe the required training. Explain the precautions and controls needed during the operation of the pallet jack while moving a pallet containing 40- 30-pound bags of cement.

3. Utilizing the chemicals provided (see below), evaluate the substances to identify their toxic hazards, and establish the necessary precautions.

• SDS Hydrofluoric Acid
• SDS Petroleum Refinery Heavy
• SDS Potassium Chlorate
• SDS Potassium Nitrate
• SDS Sulfuric Acid
• SDS Manganese Sulfate
• SDS Hydrochloric Acid

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