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You work as an environmental specialist for JFK Oil and Gas, an oil and gas producer that operates in the Permian Basin. You have leases in west Texas and southeastern New Mexico. Your lease foreman in Jal, NM has just notified you of a release that has resulted from the rupture of one of your saltwater disposal (SWD) lines. Your company has released 25 barrels (bbls) of produced water (and nothing else) to the soil in the middle of a pasture in rural NM, and recovered 0 bbls.

Your assignment is:

1) Which agency in NM has jurisdiction over produced water?

2) What are the reporting requirements for produced water in NM? (hint: it’s a volume)

3) How will you report this release (what method? and what form(s) if any are required? is there a time frame?)?

4) What is the primary constituent of concern (COC) that you are worried about with produced water?

5) What is/are the clean up level(s) required for this COC in NM?

6) What state regulation covers the remediation of produced water in NM?

7) What is the over reaching Federal Act that the regulation in #6 is derived from?

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