COVID pandemic and your experience of it

Instructions:For this assignment, I would like you to write a 3 page double-spaced paper (that is, a paper that is at least 3full double-spaced pages) reflecting on the COVID pandemic and your experience of it. Specifically, I would like you to write about something positive (anything at all) that you can take away as a result of your time since the pandemic began to spread. This can be anything from academic or professional benefits to something more personal. It can be as exciting or as banal as you like, from major life events to staring out the window at a pretty tree. But your paper should include detailed reflection on what happened, why it mattered (its context), and what you might take from it for the future, with a thesis clearly expressing those points.

The first draft of this paper. If necessary, you may revise it up to twice in the following two weeks. This paper will be evaluated by the following rubric (which is also on Blackboard). Make sure to submit as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file so that Blackboard can read it correctly.


Category Satisfactory Unsatisfactory (see feedback comments for details for revision)
On Time Turned in by September 18 at 12pm Not turned in on time (must revise in the next 2 weeks if so)
Clarity of Thesis

It is easy to determine what you are arguing and why It is difficult to discern your argument, or difficult to read the thesis
Responsiveness to Prompt Your thesis clearly answers the question in the prompt It is difficult to tell how your thesis is an answer to the prompt, or it does not answer the prompt
Argumentativeness Your thesis is arguable and non-obvious: someone could disagree with you in a reasoned manner. Your thesis is a fact, or has no discernible structure
Implications You clearly indicate at least one larger implication of your argument beyond the existence of the argument itself Your thesis is just the argument, or fails to be an argument at all.
Connection between Thesis and Conclusion

Your thesis and argument remain the same throughout the paper There is a noticeable difference between your thesis at the beginning and end of the paper, or there is no return to the thesis at the end of the paper
Connection between Thesis and Evidence Your thesis and evidence are clearly related in a manner that the reader can follow You present evidence without connecting it to the thesis, or you connect your evidence to an argument that is not the same as the thesis you present
Contextualization of Evidence Your evidence is presented alongside context and analysis that allows the reader to make the most of it Your evidence is presented without context, without analysis, or with context or analysis that does not permit the reader to understand what the evidence is doing for your paper
Intelligibility of Expression It is easy to determine what you are saying with generally acceptable grammar, spelling, and related elements It is difficult at times to understand what you are saying due to issues with grammar, spelling, or related elements
Organization Your paper is clearly organized around your thesis and evidence You have a lack of organization, a confusing organization, or difficulties with paragraphing
Length Your paper is at least 3 full pages (down to the bottom of the third page or beyond) Your paper is not long enough.

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