Good Experience Discussion

Critical thinking is not just giving feedback about what you read, but giving your opinions, thoughts, and conclusions about what you read. In addition to giving feedback on the chapter, we’re also asking you to reflect back on activities you engaged in that mirror the content of the chapters, and how you are experiencing those activities (i.e. the activities at the end of each chapter in your textbooks). Each week you will post one statement illustrating what you feel is good in your life at the moment. It can reflect anything you wish to share, for example, getting assignments in on time, saying something positive to a friend, initiating a self care activity for yourself. We would like at least 3 to 4 sentences for your Good Experience assignments.

Please post your initial statement on what you feel is good in life at the moment and then provide a thoughtful response to one of your peer’s post (1-2 sentences). Take this opportunity to observe what feels good in your peers’ lives. Please note that you will not see your peers’ posts until you first post your own.

Each post is worth 2 points. 1 point for your initial response and 1 for your reply.

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