The American Affordable Care Act years on

Please answer these 3 questions with a reply of a min of 150 words each and a reference for each

1. What do Americans really think of the Affordable Care Act 10 years after implementation?

Please find a recent reputable poll or resource regarding public opinion and the ACA, and post with a discussion on the findings. Be sure to include your resource reference citation within your comments.

2. For successful provision of long-term care, numerous elements must be present. Some major reasons are low healthcare prices, proper insurance undertakings regulation, productive medical staff regulation, and lower pharmaceutical prices. These components allow patient results to be achieved. The country’s existing healthcare system has struggled to meet the needs of the aging population. Next, there are still a lot of healthcare expenses. The costs continue to rise, and this has adverse effects on the achievement of the results of the aging population. The aging population has little income and further limits their access to healthcare services by rising prices. One of the greatest challenges to the capacity of our health care system to deliver needed high-quality services to the growing elderly population lives in the current and likely future inadequacy of our workforce, including both the numbers of workers and the quality of their training.

3. One general trend to health care financing reorganization is price transparency. A law has been passed recently by the CMS, effective January 1 , 2019, that prices be visually available to all consumers. Prior to this, services where withheld from the public. The hospitals and providers use price segmentation, which is offering the same service at different prices. Patients have been questioning prices for years with no answered provided. They were given run around answers. Now they are required by law to provide these prices on their website. If prices are available visibly, the patients are able to compare prices for services they need.

4. “Nearly 40 percent of consumers said they would pay medical bills in advance if they knew their costs upfront.” ( Becker, 2019, para. 6) This is due to the economy changes and managed care. Consumers financially want to know so they may save on their bills, due to high deductible plans. “You can bring up a specific hospital and it will list the same four procedures as other hospitals, give you the national average cost, and then tell you whether its cost is more or less than the national average.” ( Barlas, 2018, para. 18) This will put them at ease and will enable them to plan ahead for any necessary procedures that may need to be done. Being prepped ahead of time is far better than being shocked by a sticker price with no notice and then having to scramble for funds.

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