Eat foods that are in harmony with your body

After you read through each of the assigned chapters in Tools for Mindful Living and Life by Personal Design, you will complete the Critical Thinking Workbook discussion by reflecting upon your thoughts, ideas, experiences, as well as what you have learned following the completion of the chapters/activities. You will do this by posting your initial response using the provided questions in the template below as your guide. Please see the example posted in Assignment Examples and Templates.

Critical Thinking Questions for Module 1:

Tools for Mindful Living:

Explain each of the 4 steps involved in the MAC Model and provide an example for each of the steps. Please use complete sentences.
Life by Personal Design:

What does it mean to you to eat foods that are in harmony with your body? Please pull 3 examples from the reading to support your thoughts and share how you will personally apply these to your life. It is expected that you will provide at least paragraph for each example.
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Your initial post should be at least 750 words in length using Times New Roman 12 Point font (not including the questions themselves).

After completing your initial post, you must reply to two (2) of your classmate’s entries each module. Each response should be at the very least a paragraph in length (3-4 sentences).

Be thoughtful in your responses a

I have attached examples done by classmates

Mindful Awareness Reflection Journal Template-1


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