Sixth Amendment: Right to Counsel

ajs 210-lesson 7-Sixth Amendment: Right to Counsel Instructions ******All Assignments will be submitted to Turnitin************** 500 to 750 word critical thinking essay that references at least three of the materials this lesson’s coursework presents *Your essay needs to start with the essay title at the top of the page *Not third person *Conclusion Remember to cite/reference your work to earn full credit. Use at least three APA references in your assignment. *When using APA Writing Style format, you must use paragraph topic titles and sub-topic titles (bolded) as required Need to include a proper header on all papers to fulfill APA format requirements. *****Papers need to have a full summarizing conclusion. Make sure to encompass all the main topics and not just the last portion of the paper.***** ****Make sure your essay is in APA format, has a minimum of 3 references and 3 in text citations and has been submitted into Turn It In as well as Rio Learn.****** ajs210-she wants a conclusion page and more inciting when there are incites avoid using contrations… **************************************************************** Lesson Objectives Summarize the seven rights provided in the Sixth Amendment. Describe the difference between the Fifth and Sixth Amendments’ right to counsel. Summarize the relevant Sixth Amendment case law. Essay Assignment-Sixth Amendment: Right to Counsel Lesson 7 Essay -Although the Sixth Amendment guarantees an accused individual the right to counsel and the right to be judged by an impartial jury, what factors cause concern regarding what can be deemed as fair and unbiased? For example: John and Joe are each charged with a felony drug charge. John comes from an affluent family while Joe is unemployed. To add another factor of race, suppose John is White and Joe is a male of color. Provide case law and research to support your position.

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