how the lack of inclusion of minority women affects the decision making process within businesses.

The way the course is set up; we’re to complete this list of tasks (chapters) and by the end of the course and completion of the tasks, we should end up with a final paper. The guidelines doesn’t have a page limit per say, as I stated it’s to be completed through a series of tasks. As long as the topic is covered in it’s entirety. I completed task 1 This is the guide for the entire project and how it is broken down by task DBA ADRP Guide 13 Mar 2020.pdf template. – LU DBA Qualitative Dissertation.docx The way they have it; if you look at the guide; there are 3 dissertation courses in which you complete 17 tasks. task 1, task 8 and 17 I think require admin reviews But again, these tasks have to be submitted individually to be combined to complete a final project. I just want to start submitting tasks to my advisor as soon as possible so it looks as though I’m working. I can’t just submit a final product without ever submitting any other tasks

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