Case Study: Walt Disney Corporation

Note: Other resources may be used to provide further evidence to support conclusions. As a reminder, Unicheck will be used to ensure academic integrity. Use of sites such as Course Hero or is prohibited and can result in an academic code violation/failure of the course. This week’s case study will focus on Disney. Within this case study, we will focus on Disney’s strategies. The key to a successful case study is ensuring you substantiate your ideas with data and evidence. The content outline of your case study will be as follows: Introduction (what, i.e., company) w/ thesis statement (what you will discuss). After reading about diversification strategies, select one diversification strategy that best describes the Walt Disney Company and why you made this choice with evidence and examples. Using the three tests for diversification, push/ pull strategy, how does the Walt Disney Company fair within these questions? Be sure to justify your responses with evidence. Conclusion As always, use the APA format. Cite your work properly and make sure to record your references. Also use:

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