Critical Synopsis of two online JOURNALS

You are to write a CRITICAL SYNOPSIS on two selected online JOURNAL ARTICLES BELOW: Lazzari, A. Picchio, M. and Balduzzi, L. (2015) ‘Professionalisation policies in the ECEC field: trends and tensions in the Italian context’, International Journal of Early Years Education, 23(3), pp.274-287. Available at: Bown, K. and Sumsion, J. (2016) ‘Generating visionary policy for early childhood education and care: Politicians’ and early childhood sector advocate/activists’ perspectives’, Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 17(2), pp. 192–209. Available at: Please use the above website for the synopsis writing. Do not include references or intext citation. Further details will be added into the file section PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS A CRITICAL SYNOPSIS ESSAY. FOLLOW FULL GUIDELINES AND INSTRUCTIONS.

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