Evaluation of Test Materials and Procedures Order 1208184

In this assignment, you will apply those concepts to your selected test for the Code’s sixth, seventh, and eighth elements. The Code (2004) states that test users, “(6) evaluate representative samples of test questions or practice tests, directions, answer sheets, manuals, and score reports before selecting a test; (7) evaluate procedures and materials used by the test developers, as well as the resulting test, to ensure that potentially offensive content or language is avoided; and (8) select tests with appropriately modified forms or administration procedures for test takes with disabilities who need special accommodations.” For this assignment, locate a minimum of five resources pertaining to your test’s construction (items and format), item development, fair and appropriate materials, use of technology, procedures utilized in construction to minimize offensive content, and provisions of modifications and accommodations for test-takers. Please see the attached template for more detailed instructions. Files attached include the code of fair testing practices and template for the assignment (please include an abstract). The items needed to be described pertain to codes 6, 7, and 8 in the file.

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