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Your presentation should be 3 to 5 minutes long and include a minimum of five slides. You should have a minimum of one slide for each of the aspects of the project listed below. a. A Detailed explanation and analysis of your chosen fallacy (the topic you had approved) b. An example of how this fallacy appears in your profession (this does not need to be the case study you will discuss in your paper. You may choose a real life example of your own.) c. An explanation of how this fallacy disrupts communication and/or affects critical thinking. d. Best practices to avoid the fallacy and address the fallacy if it arises e. Bibliography Slide. Each slide should have at least one high quality visual or video to support your narration. Use bullet points and be careful not to put too much text on your slides. Too much text competes with your narration. You want your viewer to be able to concentrate on your spoken words and use the visuals and short text to reinforce the main ideas. One thing I noted in some of the annotated bibliographies you turned in last week is that there was too much emphasis on the case study. Remember this presentation is on the fallacy you have chosen and how that fallacy can disrupt workplace communication. The case study is an example, but is not the focus on the presentation. For your presentation you may use the case study you chose for your topic selection, or you may provide another example that fits the fallacy you have chosen. However, you must use the approved case study for the truth table in the second part of your project and you must use the fallacy you chose in the topic selection for this presentation.

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