Eight Steps to Transforming Your Organization

1、Establishing a Sense of Urgency:Examining market and competitive realities.Identifying and discussing crises, potential crises, or major opportunities
2、Forming a Powerful Guiding Coalition:Assembling a group with enough power to lead the change effort.Encouraging the group to work together as a team.
3、Creating a Vision:Creating a vision to help direct the change effort.Developing strategies for achieving that vision
4、Communicate the Vision:Using every vehicle possible to communicate the new vision and strategies.Teaching new behaviors by the example of the guiding coalition.
5、Empowering Others to Act on the Vision:Getting rid of obstacles to change.Changing systems or structures that seriously undermine the vision. Encouraging risk faking and nontraditional ideas, activities, and actions.
6、Planning for and Creating Short-Term Wins:Planning fer visible performance improvements.Creating those improvements.Recognizing and rewarding employees involved in the improvements
7、Consolidating Improvements and Producing Still More Change:Using increased credibility to change systems, structures, and polices that don’t the vision Hiring, promoting, and developing employees who can implement the vision Reinvigorating the process with new projects, themes, and change agents
8、Institutionalizing New Approaches:Articulating the connections between the new behaviors and corporate success.Developing the means to ensure leadership development and succession.

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