Ownership and possession

1) Pelican Corporation sends important documents to Alligator Alley Nursey, Inc., via Northwood Messenger Service. While the documents are in Northwood’s care, a third party, Fred Flintstone, causes an accident to Northwood’s delivery vehicle that results in the loss of the documents. Does Northwood have a right to recover from Fred for the loss of the documents? Why?

2) Rose La Rose Corporation ships a bunch of dance outfits via Southwest Airlines. The load is lost in a hurricane in Texas. Who suffers the loss? Explain your answer.

3) Marty sells his house to Joyce under a warranty deed. Later, Stephen appears, holding a better title to the house than Joyce has. Stephen wants Joyce off the property. What can Joyce do?

4) Mr. Black owns a commercial building in fee simple. Mr. Black transfers temporary possession of the building to What’s Up Corporation (WU). Can WU transfer possession for even less time to the Hey There Company?

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