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please choose the correct answer and give an explanation for your answer
(1) Which statement about empowerment is false?

(a) Creating an environment in which individuals can feel empowered requires that they be guided by a clear goal and how they can contribute.
(b) Carefully guiding someone so that they will not make mistakes is the best way to empower them.
(c) Absence of positive emotional arousal makes it difficult, if not impossible, for individuals to feel empowered.
(d) When you provide people with more rather than less information, these people gain a sense of empowerment.
(2) All of the following are steps to integrative bargaining EXCEPT

(a) Identification of threat points and the other party’s sensitive line.
(b) Separating people from the problem.
(c) Focusing on interests and not positions.
(d) Inventing options for mutual gain.
(3) The accommodating approach to problem solving:

(a) Is assertive.
(b) Is compromising.
(c) Maintains harmonious relationships but enables the other person to take advantage.
(d) Attempts to fully address the concerns of both parties.
(e) All of the above.
(4) Which is NOT a behavior-shaping strategy in Whetten and Cameron’s model of behavior-shaping strategies of how to use rewards and discipline appropriately?

(a) Reprimand.
(b) Release.
(c) Redirect.
(d) Reinforce.
(5) Descriptive communication

(a) Focuses on an objective occurrence, describing your reaction and alternatives.
(b) Is congruent.
(c) Focuses on specific events.
(d) Is evaluative.
(6) The investment type of creativity involves

(a) Incremental improvements, process control.
(b) Experimentation, exploration, risk taking.
(c) Capitalizing on teamwork, involvement, coordination, and cohesion.
(d) Rapid goal achievement, faster responses than others, competitive approaches.
(e) All of the above.
(f) (A) and (d).

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