Educational Psychology (Behaviorism) research proposal

Part A:
Abstract summarizing the purpose and method of the study and an Introduction giving a rationale for the research and its objective (a general background of the problem and the expected results);
Part B:
Review of the Literature, reporting on historical and seminal papers covering the area of the research topic. (Behaviorism with Key Theorists being: Edward Thorndike, Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson, and B.F. Skinner) The proposal could be for a quantitative study (collecting numerical data that can be statistically analyzed) or a qualitative study (collecting non numerical data such as opinions, attitudes and beliefs). Preferably divided into sections.
Part C:
Description of the Method, including the study’s Participants; the Materials (i.e. tests for quantitative research and interviews or surveys for qualitative research); and the Procedure (a detailed description of how the study will be carried out)

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