Perfect Pizza Business (Scenario)

Perfect Pizza (Scenario)
Perfect Pizzas (BB) is a New York-based fast food chain with a net of global franchises. Perfect executive are worried about protecting the firms intellectual property such as its secret toppings, sauces and special ways of baking pizzas crusts. So far they have not experienced any theft but a special consultant has advised them to increase their levels of protection. As a result they have engaged security firms to help protect their franchises in nations with a higher degree of risk. When these security professionals develop policies and procedures for perfect pizza. Which of the following questions could be the most important to ask?
a. Is perfect pizza partnering with ethical franchisees that have no intention of becoming their in the future
b. How are perfect pizzas franchisees modifying recipes and menus to meet the needs and desires of customers in local markets?
c. What are the most commonly counterfeited pizza goods in the market?

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