The sensory cortex

Where is the sensation of touch processed?

primary motor cortex
primary somatosensory cortex or S1
somatosensory association cortex or S2
Prefrontal cortex

The ____ detects changes in the environment while the _____ allows perception of them

upper motor neuron, lower motor neuron
second- order neuron, first order neuron

All of the following are structures of the limbic system except the:

cingulate gyrus
caudate nucleus

Evan injured his spinal cord in a parkour accident. He can move his arm, but can not feel touch or heat. What part of his spinal cord is damaged?

Anterior horn of spinal gray matter
Posterior horn of spinal gray matter
Lateral horn of spinal gray matter
Corticospinal tract of spinal white matter

Where are the cell bodies of lower motor neurons located?

Dorsal horn of spinal gray matter
Anterior horn of spinal gray matter
Motor area of cerebral cortex
Brain stem

An injury to the spinal cord is not possible below the

Second thoracic vertebrae
Fourth cervical vertebrae
Second lumbar vertebra
Ninth thoracic vertebrae

The nerves primarily associated with visceral organs


A paramedic shines a pen light into her patient’s eye. She records the reactivity of the patient’s pupils as they constrict when stimulated by light. This test supports which of the following?

The patient has suffered severe brain damage
The patient has function of the oculomotor nerve (III)
The patient has function of the trochlear nerve (IV)
The patient has lost of function of the optic nerve (II)

A patient has lost vision on the left side of both eyes. The patient has likely suffered damage to the:

The optic chiasm
The right optic tract
The retinas of the eye
The optic nerves

The area of the cortex that is responsible for sensing a full bladder is the:

Vestibular cortex
Visceral sensory area
Olfactory cortex
Gustatory cortex

The hypothalamus functions in:

Sending information to the cerebral cortex
Regulating the autonomic nervous system
Coordinating movement
Secreting a hormone called melatonin

An athlete has a car accident and is no longer able to catch a ball with his left hand but can with his right. He may have sustained damage to his:

Right cerebellar lobe
Right somatosensory cortex
Left cerebellar lobe
Left somatosensory cortex

Inappropriate involuntary movements are inhibited by the actions of neurons of the ______

Occipital lobe
Basal nuclei
Primary motor cortex

Bundles of white matter in the cerebrum are known as:


Injury to the hypothalamus may result in all of the following EXCEPT _______

Sleep disturbances
Loss of body temperature control
Loss of fine motor control

What functional brain system participates in memory, learning, emotion, and behavior?

Anterolateral system
Reticular formation
Peripheral nervous system
Limbic system

Glycogen is needed in skeletal muscles because:

Skeletal muscles uses a lot of energy
Glycogen is part of muscles rigid supporting framework
Glycogen provides smooth surface for filaments to slide on
Glycogen is an insulating layer that helps regulate body temperature.

WHICH of the following does not play a role in calcium homeostasis?

Parathyroid hormone

Julie must run a short sprint in gym class. When she is finished she continues to breathe fast for a few minutes afterwards. Which of the following is the best explanation for why this is so?

Julie used her stored oxygen, glucose and creatine phosphate, which is now being replenished
Since the exercise was mostly aerobic exercise, julie’s body has not yet realized the run is over
Julie’s fast oxidative muscles are so slow to utilize oxygen it only begins aerobic respiration by the time the run has finished
Slow oxidative fibers are recruited last and have only started to work at completion of the run

Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is formed by ____ and reabsorbed through arachnoid granulations into _____

Astrocytes, ependymal cells
Dural sinuses, ependymal cells
The cerebral aqueduct, arachnoid villi
Choroid plexuses, dural sinuses

Which of these is a dural septum that dips into the longitudinal fissure between the cerebral hemispheres?

Tentorium cerebelli
Corpus callosum
Falx cerebri
Falx cerebelli

what type of cells line the ventricles of the brain?

Ependymal cells
Epithelial cells

A patient is unable to taste the sweetness of honey. There may be damage to the ____ nerve.


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