Operations Management-a marked process improvement

The results showed such a marked process improvement with the added benefit of creating materials that were sustainable. The immediate reaction among the older workers was fear for their jobs. The new workers suddenly were the enemy. Chinn was pleased with the new process and indicated that the 3D printing approach would be continued. The word of the decision spread among the families in the company and the “southern family “culture was now closing ranks on the newcomers both in the packaging room and in the other departments thus confirming their fears when news of the buyout surfaced.
Using the evaluation process in OD what are 4 challenges management will face and what tools and skills can be used to handle the management challenges and why?
What is the culture change process and how do executives, managers and employees contribute to the change process?
What strategies can be used for how change can be reinforced now and into the future and why those strategies should be used?
What is the evaluation summary analysis for this study? What roles do employees and management have and what changes can be implemented and reinforced to ensure an efficient organization?

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