The Nervous System vs. Endocrine System

Directions: You are now a tutor for the psychology program at school. Students are coming to you for help because they are confused about The Nervous System and Endocrine System. In other words, make it make sense for the student in each scenario on the following slides. Your responses should be detailed in order to show you understand the effects both the Nervous System and Endocrine System have on human behavior.
Note: Hello Tutors that views this, the responses below are from peers that are trying to understand the Nervous and Endocrine System. However, I can’t seem to answer their questions to make them less confuse. Can someone help me out?
Student 1: Jeffry
“Alright, so here’s the thing. I get that the Nervous System splits into two systems: The Central Nervous System and the Peripheral Nervous System. Cool. But how does a message from my brain get to my big toe so fast?”
Student 2: Cali
“Why is it that my breathing is something I can control and not control at the same time? Which two parts of my nervous system control that?”
Student 3: Eli
“Have you ever been so stressed out that you couldn’t think straight? Like your thoughts are moving so fast and your heart is probably racing faster than your mind? I mean I’m not even running but my lungs are working like I am! I can’t fix my notes on the Nervous System because I’m so stressed out even though I know the answer to how to calm down is here.”
Student 4: Brook
“I’m sorry – you’re a great tutor and I really appreciate your help. But honestly, I can’t stop thinking about the argument I had with my sister. I mean I was SO ANGRY! She thought it was funny to hide behind the counter and pop out when I was making my lunch. She made me spill salad dressing all over me! Scared the crap out of me! Yet, I’m still so mad! I know it has something do with my adrenal glands but I’m not sure what.”
Student 4: Henry
“Did you see the tweet that said, ‘I swear daylights saying time in 2020 has more melatonin in it than any other year of my life.’ My classmates found it really funny, but I don’t get why. We learned melatonin has something to do with the pituitary gland.”
Student 5: Nigel
“Alright. You’d think I’d understand the difference between men and women by now. Can we go over the glands that effect men and women differently? I want to make sure I understand these sex hormones. Forget the upcoming test – I just want to make sure I understand for the sake of not saying something rude.”

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