Essential of International Export

1. A U.S. home décor company is going to import specialty teak furniture in a shipping container from a manufacturer in Vietnam. a. The sales contract Incoterms® rule is FCA. (2)
Who is responsible for clearing the goods for export with Vietnamese customs?
Answer: _________________________________
2 A seller is shipping Soybeans from Port Rosario, Argentina to China and only wants to be responsible for taking the goods as far as the port of departure. (2)
Ans: Incoterm: _____________
3 An inexperienced exporter in France is shipping vaccines from France to Ghana and doesn’t
want to have to deal with export clearance procedures. (2)
Ans: Incoterm: ______________
4 An oil company in Kuwait is going to send petroleum crude from Kuwait to a customer in India. The importer wants the exporter to deliver the crude to a port in India with Insurance (2)
Answer: Incoterm _________________

5. List three documents which are most important and essential in International Export (3)
__________________________ ____________________ _______________

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