Biochemistry-planetary science

Please make your answer double‑spaced. Please do not copy off the internet. If it is copied off the internet when I scan it I will have to report the answer. Also please say at least nine sentences so I can understand. Again Thank You!
1) Identify molecular structure and physical and chemical properties of water.
2) Describe how water’s structure explains its properties.
3) Explain water’s role in living things.
4) Identify environmental conditions of planets and moons.
5) Discuss whether each planet or moon could support liquid water.
6) Recommend a destination for the probe and give pros and cons.
TIP: Probe, refers to a Space Probe. These are autonomous structures (like the rovers on mars) or they could be stationary. The main function of these probes would be to take air and soil samples, be able to analyze them and send that information back to earth. The probe’s focus in this case is to be sent to the moon or planet that has the highest probability of finding liquid water, because liquid water is tied to life evolving on Earth.

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