buying, storing and physically handling goods

Which of the following channels is primarily engaged in buying and usually storing and physically handling goods in large quantities, which are then resold (usually in smaller quantities) to retailers or to industrial or business users?

agent channel.
wholesale channel.
retail channel.
direct channel.

Which of the following pricing strategies focuses on providing value to the customer.?

competitor-oriented pricing
profit-oriented pricing
product-oriented pricing
consumer-oriented pricing

The customer’s view of price can be described by which of the following equations?

Value = Actual Benefits − Perceived Costs
Value = Perceived Benefits − Perceived Costs
Value = Perceived Benefits − Actual Benefits
Value = Perceived Benefits − Actual Costs

Which of the following statements is TRUE?

Strong branding builds customer loyalty.
Strong branding increases competition.
Strong branding improves production output.
Strong branding expands the target market

The ________ approach brings together national chains and local ownership.

discount retailer
department stores

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