measurement of performance

Assess the measurement of performance factors relative to the admissions process of a skilled nursing facility.
Four performance factors can be measured for any activity in healthcare: structure, process, outcome, and patient experience. After reading the following scenario, identify one measure from each of the aforementioned categories that could be useful when evaluating the following nursing home admission process.
Upon discharge from the hospital after spending a few nights post-knee surgery, the patient arrives at the local skilled nursing facility (SNF) where the patient will receive physical therapy (PT) rehabilitation. The patient (or legal representative) reports to the Admissions Department and completes the required paperwork. Likewise, all the necessary documentation is provided, including the patient’s history, identification card, and insurance card. Payment for the patient’s health insurance co-pay is collected at the time of admission. In some instances, patients (or their representatives) are able to register on the organization’s website before the patient is admitted. This helps to expedite the admissions process. The patient is given an identification bracelet that includes the patient’s name, medical record number, and attending physician. Before the patient can be seen by the physical therapist, the patient is asked to sign a consent form. Upon completion of all necessary paperwork, the patient is escorted to their room where the therapist will meet them shortly.
Suppose the administrator of the SNF wants to gather data to report actual performance measures that you have selected. What sources of data can the administrator use to gather information for the measures? Discuss why these data sources are important for gathering reliable data.

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