Management and Organization-Gulf air

Q1: Introduction to Management and Organization Point out the following • Year of establishment • Types of business • Board of directors • Business ventures • Sustainability Q2: Managing in a Global Environment Analyze the challenges faced by the organization and recommend different methods when facing competitors with regards to: • Innovation • Employees Q3: Organizational Structure and Design Illustrate and clarify the type of organizational structure. Q4: Managers as Leaders • the type(s) of leadership style(s) that is observed in the organization. • Propose one Theory of leadership that is you think is most suitable for the organization. • Synthesize your views on the leadership style(s) followed in the organization. Q5: Introduction to Controlling (5 Marks x 2 = 10 Marks) Interpret the below 4 steps of Controlling Process with an illustration followed in the organization • Summarize the establishing standards and methods for measuring performance. • Compare whether the performance of the organization matches the standard. • Justify and provide recommendations. Q6: Management Issues (10 Marks) Address some management issues that the company may be facing and bring out the appropriate solutions you recommend.

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