COVID Observation Assignment

-Your task is to go to a place with good activity (given COVID, this could be a park and you observe scenery/nature, an online video of a live event, etc. don’t put yourself in harms way). You are to take field notes on everything you can possibly observe for 1 hour. Think about the following as you prepare for this: 1) What is the general atmosphere of the scene? 2) What does the site look like (describe all that you see from movement of people to physical structures, etc.). 3) What does the site sound like? Smell like? (if live/in the environment) 4) Take observations of everything you witness related to human interaction/involvement (anything you see, hear, etc.). The challenge and task here is to really open up your senses to the max capacity. We tend to turn off all non-necessary information as we reach maturity due to the flood of marketing advertisements and nonsense we experience in daily life. Forget that and turn it all on! You will scan in copies of your field notes from the 1 hour observation session and also write a reflection piece in Microsoft Word that discusses the following: 1) What was the experience like? Was it exhausting/draining? 2) What challenges did you face as you completed the task? 3) Anything funny happen while observing? 4) Do you notice yourself paying more attention to things in daily life after this exercise? 5) What is the most significant thing you will take away from doing this?

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