Federal reserve & covid 19

Read the following directions and post an answer of at least two paragraphs (a minimum of 500 words). Be sure to use standard English in your answers, with appropriate punctuation (refer to the grading rubric). I am looking for evidence that you have read the response as well as what your opinion is on the topic. After you compose your response you will upload your posting using this tool. Once the deadline for the discussion topic is closed you will no longer have access to this tool. Assignment: Federal Reserve policymakers are faced with the dueling problems of a contracting economy from covid 19 and rising prices as businesses continue to close. This can cause a “perfect storm” known as stagflation. In the following assignment, you have hyperlinks that will help you to understand the role of monetary policy in today’s economy as well as an opportunity to get to know the Chairman of the Federal Reserve and be introduced to a key concept called inflation targeting. This link is located below. The Federal Reserves’ job is not just raising or lowering interest rates solely based upon whether the economy was reaching its inflation target. Other concerns such as the value of the dollar, unemployment, and outsourcing of jobs also come into consideration. Please watch the following videos and give your impression of Jerome Powell and the Federal Reserve. In a separate paragraph review the attachment and identify the four most important programs The Fed is undertaking and stabcqte why you choose them. https://video.butte.edu/media/ECON-002/Virus_Fed.html


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