Ethics and Moral Distress in COVID-19 Nursing Practice

Here is the assignment prompt: ” Briefly summarize the case study and pertinent information Review relevant nursing literature (at least 4 articles from peer-reviewed journals within the past 4 years) specific to your case and provide an overview. Be sure to include at least 1 evidenced based article that informs your practice. How would you apply the knowledge gained from the literature to make recommendations for your client ? ” NOTES ON HOW I WANT THIS WRITTEN: -The case study will be about John Taylor (see attached file) presenting to the ER and how he has signs and symptoms of COVID-19. There are some details in there about how his area has been hard hit by the pandemic. You don’t need to put too many details about the patient himself in the paper just the pertinent info of his stats and symptoms and situation. This is not in the provided article but you’ll also add that the hospital is is having nurses reuse masks. (Feel free to embellish on the case study, it does not need to be cited) -Give an overview of the major ethical issues that nurses face during COVID by reviewing the literature. I have attached a few articles that touch on the most important points: the lack of PPE, nurse burnout/mental health/fears and anxieties about catching a virus, and hospitals/ federal and state governments don’t seem to care about their safety. -Use the ANA provision 5 and code of ethics article to answer the question about how to apply the knowledge from the literature. The jist of it should be that the ANA suggests for nurses to refuse assignments if they feel they are at risk because the safety and self-care of the nurse comes first. -You can also touch on how nurses are called “heroes” and expected to martyr themselves -Remember to find one source of your choice to review -I’ve attached a references page of the articles I’ve sent you. -One file is too large, I’m emailing it to support PS I know this was a lot!! Please please contact me if you need any clarification. Thank you! REVISION COMMENTS: Hi, I’m not happy with the quality of this paper as it seems like the grammar is not native- there are problems with present and past tense throughout the entire paper and it doesn’t address the articles the way that I wanted them to. Each article that I sent needs to be summarized with the most important points that are pertinent to the essay prompt — there’s also no direct quotes used bcq

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