financial analysis Project

During the course, students will be responsible for completing a project consisting of a written paper and. The purpose of this exercise is to apply the concepts learned throughout the course to a real company. Students will construct a financial model in Microsoft Excel and submit a written paper of 8-10 pages summarizing findings from the financial analysis. Both the Microsoft Excel template and report written in Microsoft Word should be uploaded to Blackboard. One submission only should be submitted per group. NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

Financial Analysis (15 points)

INSTRUCTIONS- only do the highlighted part. The other parts is being done by some else. Please use the excel numbers to come up with reasons to justify why Yelp is trading above or below a multiple amongst its peers. Only 2 pages

Yelp Inc. (YELP)

Historical NOPLAT and invested capital
Financial projections
ROIC and growth
Enterprise value and equity value per share (DCF and Economic profit models)
Weighted average cost of capital
Valuation multiples for chosen company and peers
Written Paper (15 points)

Provide an assessment of the company’s business model
Discuss the industry dynamics and the company’s competitive position in the industry and how it relates to its growth and ROIC characteristics
Discuss the assumptions that go into your financial projections
Argue for or against the company’s chosen capital structure and explain why you think it is or is not the right capital structure
Hypothesize on why your calculated equity value for per share is higher or lower than the currently observed market price
Explain why your company trades at a multiple above or below its peers

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