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This link will take you to a Vimeo site where a video of the recorded Power Point lecture for this week has been posted. It is intended for students who have limited or no access to Power Point and would prefer to view the recorded Power Point slides in video form rather than as Power Point presentation. **Important: You need a password to access this video. The password is: COMN1410 Activity #1: Identify an example of a social or cultural practice that fits the definition of the social model of disability not discussed in lecture (1 sentence). Explain how this practice helps address barriers individuals with impairments face (1 sentence). Maximum word count: 200. Activity #2: Step #1: Watch the videos posted in the Power Point slides (links to the videos are also posted below). Step #2: Apply the “Supercrip” critique to ONE of the videos. How does the video perpetuate the “supercrip” stereotype? Step #3: Suggest an alternative way that the video could have represented the featured athletes. Total word count:

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