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1, Statement of Purpose (250 words) · Within the space below, please type (or cut and paste in) a statement—250 words or less—about yourself. Focus this statement on your goals and plans in relation to your CECH program and future profession. Most importantly, please express what a scholarship would mean to you. PLEASE make sure to spell check and proofread this statement before you submit it (this item must be completed). o This will be a running start for you to know a little bit about myself and experience. You can somehow rearrange and use this information on the essay. “I first realized the power of information technology back in my country of origin, Ethiopia. As I was growing up, I realized the harsh realities of living in a third world country. From the lack of basic infrastructure to the lack of technological advancements, a lot of sectors in the country had difficulties. So, from a young age, I knew I had to be part of a new generation that brought about innovative yet simple ways to alleviate the problems that the country was facing. I dreamed of finishing my high school education and then attending a prominent university to major in information technology. I finally got a taste of how America has used information technology to create its own highly functional system when I started my higher educational journey at the University of Cincinnati A lot of things were new to me; including the course materials and the teaching system in the US, but I saw them as building blocks to a better future. Receiving this scholarship would reduce a lot of burden on my back from working day and night 45 hours a week till paying out of state, from a sleepless night and seeking support from my single mom who is struggling to adjust her life after my dad passing.” 2, Community Involvement Statement (250 Words) · Within the space below, please type (or cut and paste in) a statement—250 words or less— describing a community or volunteer project or experience in which you participated within the past year and how YOU made a difference in the outcome. PLEASE make sure to spell check and proofread this statement before you submit it. o I will be writing down few information for you how to incorporate this essay. “I am an active board member of TEDxUCincinnati serving as a Director of Marketing this year. Our organization is a collective of students dedicated to sharing ideas worth spreading to others. Our goal is to inspire our campus and our community with some of the best home-grown conversations that help us all see the world, both locally and globally, a bit differently. I feel accomplished when I see others take something from the educational event that I get to promote and host every month. Besides, I also got the chance to volunteer for habitat for humanity which builds houses for people in need. There is a great achievement I did in my life seeing people get happy and smile is a great honor to be part of this. I spend most of my weekend to construct houses and think it’s a great cause for me. Helping others was always my dream that I took from my dad growing up so giving a few hours of my time from my tight schedule is not just a relief but also a blessing to me”. 3, For the Scholarship Ceremony · Please write two or three sentences about yourself, in third person format. This would be read out loud at the scholarship ceremony. You are encouraged to write about that which makes you unique. Humor is also welcome! o You can use this as a running start for the acknowledgement ceremony speech “Eve Marcon is a proud first-generation child from Ethiopia who is about to walk into her…. that she came for with in the…. (near future, coming year or something). Even though her only hero her dad passed away when she started this journey however it didn’t hold her back from achieving her dreams because god has always a better plan her that she knows for sure. Her outstanding GPA and Dean list not only fascinates her parents but also her colleagues and professors who used to think her as a……(something)”

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