Diet Analysis and application

This assignment is considered the “Capstone Project” for the semester. It incorporates what you have learned from the beginning of the semester. Step 1: Open MindTap to access your Diet Analysis Plus application. Note: If you do not have Cengage MindTap, you must use another diet tracking software. Look for an internet-based one. Step 2: You will be creating a new profile called “College Woman”. Step 3: Attached are the labs you will be completing. The instructions are in the attachments below. Open them all and read before starting the project. All the answers to the questions will come from the reports generated in Diet Analysis Plus. In the same way, the intakes from your own Diet Assessment ( beginning of the semester assignment) were found in the Combination Report, Intake vs Goals and other reports, you will have to generate these reports for the individuals in the assignment. The labs are in pdf format, so you can print, complete by hand and scan and upload the completed assignment in CANVAS.

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