Business strategy strategic management macro and internal environment

you have been employed as a corporate strategy manager by a well-known large multinational organisation to produce an internal and external analysis that provides a basis for strategic planning in the organisation. this report will include a pestle analysis (external ) and SWOT ANALYSIS (internal) of your chosen organisation and an analysis of the organisations capabilities. this must be presented as a report to the CEO and should include the following. LO1: 1 introduction to provide an overview of the chosen business and the task at hand 2 explain the terms business strategy and strategic context and the role of strategy to help achieve business objectives and goals and the different strategy planning techniques. Give examples to illustrate this points (P1) 3 Apply the appropriate frameworks used to analyse the macro environment to your chosen organisation for example PESTLE , Porters Five Forces ,Ansoff’s matrix ,and benchmarking For M1 critically analyse how the macro environment determines and informs your chosen organisation and other businesses strategic management decisions. LO2 explain the internal environment, what are strategic capabilities? then explain the key components of strategic capabilities (P2). Explain and apply the appropriate frameworks ( including SWOT,Mckinseys 7S model , VRIO/VRIN framework, value chain analysis and cost benefit analysis to analyse the internal environment and capabilities of your chosen organisation (P2). Critically analyse how the internal environment assesses the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen organisation and other businesses internal capabilities structure and skill set (M2)

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