Your overall assignment is to develop a new radio channel for Sirius/XM’s satellite radio subscription service. This channel will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The objective of your plan will be to have Sirius/XM agree to carry your new channel. The main criteria Sirius/XM will use to determine whether or not to carry your proposed channel will be if they feel it may bring them new subscribers. As the head of programming for this new channel, you must develop, acquire and schedule programming for this venture. As the primary purpose of this task is to have your network carried and to attract subscribers for Sirius/XM, it will be up to the concept and the programming to accomplish this task. As part of your proposal, you will need to include a survey and analysis of all existing relevant channels offered on Sirius/XM. You will also need to research and provide data/information that pertains to the intended audience for your new channel. In addition, you will need to provide specific description of your programming (including 24 hour/7 day schedule grid).

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