2020 Presidential , by five original media channels

Reporting on the 2020 Presidential Election, by five original media channels: 1. Online newspaper or magazine or print editions 2. Network or local station TV broadcast 3. Cable network broadcast: CNN, MSNBC, FOX, PBS 4. Radio – News station, professional blog or radio commentary 5. Social media channel. (ie Facebook, Twitter, Must evaluate all FIVE types of media: Newspaper/magazine, TV broadcast, TV cable, Radio and Social media sources all reporting on the same topic: Reporting on the 2020 Presidential Election. 3. Include complete source information with attributions 4. Base the critiques on the objective criteria of journalistic standards outlined in the text and referenced above, NOT your own selective exposure preferences. The objective is to identify, contrast and compare the specific types of journalism presented by the chosen media sources and explain how their reporting supports or weakens accepted best practices journalistic values and standards All five of the listed best practices journalism values must be considered for each medium, including: honesty and truthfulness objectivity – being free from bias (preconceived selective exposure) accuracy – factually correct – able to be verified or substantiated balance – fairly presenting both sides to a story credibility – being believable and accountable To best accomplish this assignment, you should research media coverage of this topic from two opposing sources (Conservative and Liberal) among the 5 media types listed above. (Note: To find both conservative and liberal sources, Google conservative and liberal media, or go to Wikipedia for leads) You must also identify each source with attributions – publication name, station ID, network and program ID, and host or reporter name, dates of the material you use, and quotes when possible. Consider going to the archives of these sources. You must research sources with OPPOSING POINTS OF VIEW. You will then BRIEFLY discuss how each source supports or diminishes, one by one, all five of the basic journalistic standards and values listed above. With regard to the assignment on reporting on the election, since the election has not been certified yet, if you would prefer to focus on the current reports from various media about it, feel free to do that. Remember you could also look at archives of various media sources or go to their websites. There is so much material out there I am sure you will have no problems

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