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Please add references…Please see the word doc I attached to AVOID REPEAT SUMMARIZATIONS. Thank you. Use only articles that are about health policy as opposed to clinical or other issues that can be linked to health but lack policy commentary. Also to the extent possible use the sources I recommended. I need a total of EIGHT article summarizations. A total of (8) Current Event writings using the sources listed in my class instructions. ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS: Current Event Readings Four current health care events, related to health policy. The current event will be posted directly in the Assignments, under submission, NOT COMMENT SECTION or as an Attachment. The posting should be short and concise in your own words with a comment in regard to what you learned from the articles. You may be expected to discuss your article(s) on the discussion board as it relates to the discussion assignment. Every week four articles should be from the New York Times or Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and an article from Modern Healthcare. You will post it to the Assignment section for the designated week, titled Current Events (you will be posting every week). * I need two sets of four different articles. = 8 Current Event Articles total. Format: o Newspaper current Event –Source, date, Title, Author, Summary and Comment o Modern Healthcare Article, date, Title, Author—Summary and Comment

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