Remix project over bullying

Purpose and Description The aim of this project is to reflect on your research and communicate it to a non-academic audience. Similar to previous assignments, you will identify a rhetorical situation that invites a response, but for this assignment, you will create a text or artifact that seeks to make an impact beyond the classroom. You will not be required to make your work public; the finished product should, however, give you that option. The instructions described below are designed to guide you through this process. Revisiting the Rhetorical Situation Refocus your research problem for a new situation; Identify a new audience beyond the academic community; Refocus your purpose based on your audience and problem; Identify a relevant genre for communicating your argument; Identify a relevant context for circulating your document/rhetorical artifact; The Composing/Remixing Process The form of your project takes will ultimately depend on the situation you have identified. For instance, you might create a visually-designed text to raise public awareness (e.g., a poster or website); or you might even take a more traditional route, like composing a letter to a state representative or a person with political or institutional authority. Whatever you decide, your goal should be to distill the research you completed for Paper III and communicate it to an audience that you want to influence and/or move to action. Narrative Reflection In addition to the text or artifact you create, you will also compose a brief narrative in which you explain the process that went into “remixing” your research. What is the exigence that informed your remix? What decisions did you make based on the new rhetorical situation (e.g., considering purpose, audience, genre, context)? What did you learn about your research that you did not know or realize prior to completing this project? Specific Requirements Your project should: Draw on the research you completed for Paper III; Remix your research for a new rhetorical situation; Develop a brief narrative that communicates your process (~1 paragraph); Use 12 point Times New Roman or Garamond typeface; Use a recognizable citation style if appropriate (e.g., MLA or APA); Be uploaded to CougarView the deadline (consult your course syllabus and schedule for details). The concept of “remixing” alludes to a process of taking things apart and putting them back together in a new way. Composing a “remixed” artifact can thus be a creative experience and an opportunity to experiment with different types of media. It can also ideally lead to novel insights about the problems and questions you have been addressing in your research and writing. Please write or stop by my office (or both) if you have questions about this assignment or anything else related to the course.

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