Analysis of electronic payment systems and security issues

An introduction section that defines your topic, and describes why this issue is important. This section must include your Thesis Statement, which expresses the topic of your paper in the form of a one sentence statement.
A state of the art assessment/literature review of your topic. Examine the published works found in major academic and business publications (i.e., HBR, Sloan, Academy of Management Review, MISQ, ISR, Communications of the ACM). At lease half of your sources should be from high quality journals, industry reports, and books. Provide the reader of your paper with an understanding of the topic, current practices, competing technologies, management models, problems/issues raised by others, etc. Blogs, op-eds, issue related sites (CNN, Fox,, etc.) may be referenced, but will not count as quality sources.
An analysis of the topic that draws on the material from class and from your reading. A discussion of competing views (with references to those studies) is appropriate in this section when establishing a finding. Your analysis should include as a minimum (necessary to receive a score of 85%) the following elements (alternative elements may be used with consent of the instructor):
An examination of implementation issues related to your topic
Organizational benefits related to the issue
Cost factors related to the issue
An examination of the organizational and implementation risks related to the issue
Critical success factors related to the issue
Additional elements germane to your topic. NOTE: To achieve a grade greater than 85%, papers must provide meaningful analysis beyond the basic requirements (a-e).
A conclusion section where you will provide a recommendation regarding the issue. Your recommendation must be supported by the material you found in your state of the art assessment and knowledge gained in the class.
Bibliography of all cited works.

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