Language and Human Development

This exercise is the most open-ended assignment in this class. My intention when designing our remote learning experience was to create an infrastructure with different pathways for you to take through the material while making sure we are all discussing key topics of this class together. This assignment gives you an opportunity to engage more deeply with the specific concepts, ideas, readings, videos, films, and podcasts, connecting them to your own experiences, interests, and useful examples. The aim is for you to become the producers of your own class content, becoming an “expert peer” who creates the Zone of Proximal Development on a particular subject in this class for all of us. Record a five to ten-minute long presentation(e.g., mini-lecture with slides, close analysis of specific examples, either personal or the content you find online, summary of any of the class material, offering your own “reading” of it, putting different ideas and concepts we discussed in a conversation with each other, telling us what you did for Assignment 2, etc.). I am open to your ideas on how this presentation might look like, just run them by me. Make sure to use and define ONE class concept.

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