Cultural and Professional Competency Paper

The primary learning objective associated with this paper is for you to explore cultural competency as it applies to your desired profession. Supporting objectives consist of: a) ways in which practitioners might identify their own biases, b) modifying approaches based on clients with individualistic versus collectivistic culture, and c) exploring the characteristics of each aspect of culture as it relates to practice (race, gender, socioeconomic status, physical ability, sexual orientation, and religion). Instructions Compose a 6-8 page essay on cultural and professional competency as it relates to a profession of your selection. The paper is to be in APA format and the title and reference pages do not count toward the minimum page requirement. This essay does not require an abstract. This essay can include writing from the first person as it calls for personal assessment and reflection. Format Ensure that the following sections are addressed in your paper: Introduction Acknowledge the importance of being culturally conscientious in Psychological practice Identify possible personal biases and how these personal biases could affect the practice Define individualistic and collectivistic cultures Contrast and compare individualistic and collectivistic cultures Explain how practical approaches might vary based on individualistic versus collectivistic client culture Explain the importance of culture in your field as it relates to: Gender Ethnicity Socioeconomic status Physical ability Sexual orientation Religion Conclusion summarizing the importance of cultural competency in practice Closing Instructions Make sure that you include at least 3-5 scholarly sources in your essay (peer-reviewed journals found in the APUS library). The supplemental and required reading covered in this class will also serve as acceptable sources. I would strongly suggest you use the aforementioned bullet-points as respective (sub)headings in your paper to clearly articulate that you had addressed each aspect of this assignment.

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