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Focus on the benefits and purposes for cognitive and behavioral therapy methods. Mental Health services will be available for parents and children to get over trauma from abuse, death and crime in the community, food insecurities and more. Tutoring and sports should be offered because parents don’t have resources to get their children help or extra curricular activities. Prepare a 1,000-1,500-word paper that: Identify possible headings and subheading for the body of your proposal that include some goals for your program proposal and three to six objectives (steps) for each goal (100-250 words). Incorporate the following under each heading and subheading that you have created: •Develop an introduction to your proposal. •What is the impact of change that the program proposal shows from the theoretical models examined? •What are methods or interventions identified that might produce behavioral changes with participants of the programs and/or services? •Identify aspects related to: Cognitive, emotional, spiritual, motivational or skill-building methods, resources, and interventions. •What are the cultural and ethical considerations, along with risk and protective factors for treatment interventions and activities?

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