Evaluation of Japan’s Heart

In today’s essay I will be explaining the major health effects on the human body as well as the effects of air pollution in regards to how it can affect a society’s behaviour culturally and how different societies with different climates can live their lives differently. The country that captured my attention was Japan due to its location geographically and its very old traditions. In a society or if we look at it with a bigger scale a country’s climate with air pollution could have a major health risk to their people causing them to live within difficulties, for example commuting to work, crowded places and any sort of outdoor activity. In this case we will dive into air pollution whether it was lead,carbon monoxide or any other type of harmful gas.



Purpose and Scope

❖ To reflect on what has been learned in the class so far, and from this carry out a focused

investigation of an air pollution topic of particular importance and interest to you. The topic must have a clear societal relevance that you articulate.

❖ The topic must be air pollution related in the traditional sense, focused on specific air pollution species, events or health impacts. No climate change related papers.


❖ Topic

▪ An air pollution related topic, as detailed in the ‘Purpose and Scope’ section above.

▪ A clear statement of societal relevance (i.e. a clear “why” statement).

▪ Can be centered on an air pollution data analysis exercise. See ‘Suggestions’ section.

❖ Reference Material

▪ At least three references.

▪ References must be from primary sources. Examples of primary sources are government agency

reports or academic review articles. Primary sources are not news articles.

▪ Can be sources of air pollution data if doing a data analysis exercise.

❖ Full Paper (Due December 4, 30 points)

▪ 4 – 5 pages (1.5 spacing, 1 inch margins)

▪ Include the following:

‒ Title

‒ Sections: A first section entitled “Summary”, which will be a summary of your papers topic,

relevance and key findings. Then additional sections that expand on findings and their

implications. Title each section according to what the section is about.

‒ Adapt the structure as needed if doing a data analysis exercise. If doing this type of paper,

describe the data sources and analysis methods used, and present tables and maps as


Grading Guidelines

Grading will be according to the following criteria:

❖ Substance. Focus and depth of investigation. A specific air pollution topic and its societal impacts

are investigated in a clear, focused manner using your identified reference material.

❖ Writing: Error free grammar, spelling, and sentence construction. Originality score through Turnitin

considered in grading.

❖ Document Formatting: Document structure conforms with above instructions. Fonts, spacings,

margins, and other formatting is consistent throughout document: Margins (1 inch L & R), Spacing

(1.5 inches), Fonts (Ariel, Calibri, Times New Roman). Overall construction of paper is well organized

with easily identified section headers.

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