Global Immigration and Immigrants

When writing your paper, please keep in mind the following: Organization, Focus, Depth, and Clarity. When you are done with your paper, please go over it and look for typos, awkward passages, etc. Taking a few extra minutes to do this can go a long away improving the quality of your work. Answer one and only one of the two questions!!! just one out of the two (1 or 2) below. Please clearly indicate your choice. 1. First, explain the issues surrounding the definition of the term development discussed in class. What visions of development did we discuss? Explain them, including possible problems with any. Second, explain in detail the relationships embodied in the two graphs below. 2. Some professionals and scholars in the field of migration think of remittances as a panacea while others see major problems. Using Hein de Haas, Stephen Castles, and Mark Miller. 2020. The Age of Migration: International Population Movements in the Modern World (Sixth Edition). New York: The Guilford Press. Chapter 14, and the video “Remittance Business” explain the two sides of the debate on remittances. Provide three examples of benefits and three of problems with remittances from the above listed sources. Please cite your sources.

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