Effects of role play intervention on social skills of highly functioning children with autism

Description: The purpose of this project is to help you develop a SSD research study from start to finish. Using the details provided for the preliminary drafts, build a SSD study based from the results of an FBA/BIP that you implement. Your final paper should be structured and organized like a published, peer-reviewed SSD study. Use examples from your readings in class to help organize your paper. All published studies differ to some degree, so organize your study in a way that you see best fits your topic. Your paper should be minimum of 10 pages in length (not including title page, abstract, or references). Use the rubric to guide your paper. The rubric addresses key content that should be addressed in the paper, but additional information may be pertinent to your particular study. Each content area should be thorough, clear and concise, and reflect what you have learned in your courses. Use your text, supplemental readings, and draft feedback to appropriately develop each content area of your paper. You should include a reference page (not included in the paper length) and use APA style throughout your paper.

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