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You can work alone or as the groups of two. If there are more people in the group please be sure that the project is much more advanced than the others and everyone has a well-defined responsibility. Please design a product. Be sure that, you will need to manufacture 1 to 6 parts depending on the complexity of the parts (alone or for a group of two – more parts if you have bigger groups). You can use as many additional parts as you need if you can purchase them. Manufacture and market the product you designed. Try to sell the product.

Performance criteria:

Your revenue and profit. The use of the product
Quality of the manufactured product
Your report
Your presentation
Material to be prepared:

Final report. Please start the final report by filling the given cover pate. You will outline your revenue and cost at the cover page. Please include the sections given in the following pages.
Presentation: Please prepare single slide by using the distributed template. Please send it the to the gmail address ([email protected]) of the course by the morning of your presentation day.

Please submit the hard copy of the report (Follow the guidelines in the following pages).
Please send the following files to the [email protected] address:
Soft copy of the report – Include all the g-code, part programs, drawings of parts, etc. in the Appendix.
Soft copy of the presentation

COVER PAGE – PLEASE FILL THE TABLE – Please fill the first page of the report with the following table by putting relatively large picture.


Picture of the product

Group members (Assignment)
1) ( )
2) ( )
3) ( )
4) ( )
5) ( )
Outline of the part and functions:
Number of parts

Part was on sale at
Manufacturing time

Asked price
Assembly time

Sale price
Total time

Number of sold items
Cost of purchased parts

Total sales
Manufacturing cost

Total costs
Sale price



Hard copy: It will be one page + one member responsibility form for each group member about their responsibilities.

Soft copy: Hard copy + Appendixes about the details of the product and manufacturing

******** CONTENT OF THE SINGLE PAGE REPORT *********************************

Market of the developed product: (Maximum 3 sentences) Why such product is needed and market potential?

Developed Product: (Maximum 3 sentences) Outline the developed product.

Picture of the product

Most important three features of the developed product (such as achieving desired precision, desired strength, desired wear resistance, good ergonometry, visual pleasance, etc):




Sale or use of the developed product: (Maximum 3 sentences)

******** END OF THE SINGLE PAGE REPORT *********************************

Please attach one member responsibility form for each member

For each part provide the following:

Drawings of each part
Picture of each part or parts together without assembly
G-code if they are machined
If you use any 3D printer – screen shots of the program which you use
Picture of the assembly


NAME: …………………………………………………….

Concentration (Please check) : ____________ Design _____________ Thero-science

Responsibilities (Please check each applies):

_____ Design of the ______ of the total _____ parts in the assembly ( such as 2 of total 5 parts in the assembly)

_____ Preparation of the G-Codes of the ______ of the total _____ parts in the assembly

_____ Manufacture of the ______ of the total _____ parts in the assembly at the machine shop by using machine tools

_____ Manufacture of the ______ of the total _____ parts in the assembly by using 3D printer


Important skills which made contribution to the project (Please check each applies):

______ Work outside as designer (professional)

______ Work outside as machinist (professional)

______ Work outside for design and manufacture of 3D printed parts (professional)

______ Machines parts as hobby on metal cutting machines

______ Manufacture 3D printed parts as hobby


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