carbon capture term paper

( the suggested topic is carbon capture – hydrogen production – blue, green, grey and brown hydrogen and main focus in blue production ) or you can choose one from your own The outline should present the topic of the final term paper and the way you intend to write the paper. The outline should be written in the standard outline form with bullets that list the major sections and subsections of the term paper and how the arguments will be laid out and pursued in the final paper. The outline can also contain text sections before and after the outline that summarize the concept (this could be a first attempt at an abstract) and the difficulties you may encounter in fleshing out the final paper. The outline should fit on one to two pages. Ideally the outline will become the basis of your term paper. However, the outline should not get in the way of improving the paper after the outline is finished. The term paper is to address the topic relating to carbon capture. You will follow the outline you have provided at the beginning. However, I will not hold you to that. If you think, your paper improves by wandering away from the original outline, by all means do so Make sure the paper is based on interesting ideas and originality. Best paper tend to have something new and are interesting to read. Your paper can explain a novel idea you learned about, an idea you came up with, or deal with a concept that is already out there. It can be centered on technology, science, policy, or economics. However, it needs to revolve around carbon capture. This does not mean that other aspects of carbon management, or energy systems development must be kept out of the paper. They can enter, but the paper must first and foremost deal with carbon capture. If you look at established topics (e.g., a description of a technology), I would like to see more than just a collection of the views of others. Try to inject your own analysis or opinion in the discussion. a well-reasoned contrarian view is great work. A good size is maybe ten to fifteen pages without the bibliography. If you rely on other people’s work or ideas reference it appropriately. I am flexible on the format you use for citations. But unless you are quoting a number that is obviously known broadly (e.g.,we are above 400 ppm of CO2in the air), I would like to see a citation. If you quote some other author’s text, make very clear that this is a quote. And by the way, just changing a couple of words, is not helpful, not it is a garbled quote. ( the chosen topic is carbon capture – hydrogen production – blue, green, grey and brown hydrogen and main focus in blue production )

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