Experimental research paper

This task is mainly divided into two parts. Please use LaTeX typesetting language and to be formatted with the Physical Review revtex4.1 style for the first part of 2500 words. LaTeX, 10-pt Times New Roman, single-spaced, 8.5″x11″, double-sided, 1″-margins, revtex-4.1 style with two-column formatting. This part involves asking your own research questions, designing and establishing your own experiments, collecting and analyzing data (charts or pictures may be required), and drawing conclusions. There are no constraints on the research questions, but you can do your own experiments and may require photos and additional experimental equipment. Mathematics formulas must be typeset correctly, page numbers must be included, and examples of the American Physical Society must be referenced. Citations must not exceed 250 words. According to the above 9 parts of the LaTex part will be drawn. Introduction, experimental materials and instruments, methods and procedures, data and analysis, conclusions, future work, acknowledgments, appendices (if necessary), reference materials. Part Two 900 words one-page ppt. This part is a condensed version of the first part but it should include Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Results, Analysis, Conclusion, Acknowledgments, Contact, Graph, or Figure. I have examples of ppt and Latex for your reference. If you need more information, please contact me.

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