With the use of the Gibbs Cycle kindly complete the following essay below as a case study in reflective writing. TAX IMPLEMENTATION SYSTEM 1. Objectives · Request of stakeholders claim · System been able to record car number · System been able to run an Android or IOS application to make it functional in technology 2. Product Description/Deliverables that is expected and what is required of the project · System must be rolled out to all drivers and vehicle license authority (DVLA) offices successfully · Every commercial vehicle must be enabled on to the system ie accessible data on commercial vehicles · All taxes on commercial vehicles should be through the system 3. Assumptions · the current system would improve revenue collection · all commercial drivers would be allowed and be captured in the system · management support · internet resources to connect to the project timeline 4. Constraints That’s by convincing Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU) to buy the idea Adoption of Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to buy into the idea . Objectives · 80% of people to be rolled in by the end of the project · All the STO location must be ready to accept payment by the end of the project · Increase the revenue collection of vehicles by the performance of 20% Summary of milestone · Completion of the plan · Project take-off is a significant milestone · Budget for project 360,000 5. Project Application · The sponsors will approve the project before planning efforts to continue · The sponsors will approve the risks before planning efforts continue · Approval of the list of rules before planning efforts continue · The final approval will be provided by the sponsors High-level project risk Demonstration

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