Empathies in chimpanzees

This is an assignment that students must complete individually. You will watch the presentations of your classmates (in other words, the presentations of the groups in which you were not a member), and pick one on which to write a response paper (~750 words, or ~3 double-spaced pages). You’ll have to read the paper that the group covered, watch their presentation, and provide your own review of that paper. While it will be fine to discuss similar issues, I want to see that you have thought about the paper and the presentation on your own as well. What did you like about the paper? Do you agree or disagree with your classmates’ concerns about the paper’s data and interpretation? Why or why not? This is your chance to provide your own opinion on a different research topic from the one on which you presented. There are no formatting guidelines for this reaction paperreaction paper Below are link for presentation on Vimeo. Please watch video and read the corresponding paper (the papers are attached as PDFs – . It is important that you discuss both the video and the paper in your reaction paper.

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