Portfolio construction and management

Assurance of Learning Validations (Linked to the Concentration-Specific Learning Goal(s))[1]:

Capstone Student Managed Portfolio Project: Each student will be required to develop a strategy for investing a specific sum of money in a student managed portfolio of securities. Students may select up to 10 securities. Student will be asked to explain the recommendations for assets included in the portfolio. Student must specify their intended investment objective and risk tolerance in their recommendations. The student team will be required to formulate in-depth analysis and calculations of the proposed portfolio performance’s over the last month, six months, one year, five years and ten years prior to the presentation based on data from such sources as Bloomberg, CRSP, COMPUSTAT and Yahoo! Finance while utilizing tools such as EXCEL. Portfolio performance should be based on such measures as average return, standard deviation of returns, beta from the Capital Asset Pricing Model, and Jensen’s alpha.

Student Deliverables pertaining to the Capstone Project:

1 Select an arbitrary age group of a client of your choice.

2 Identify clients investment goals along with risks

3 Identify existing liabilities such as loans, tuition fees / assets Car artifacts etc.

4 Identify a risk aversion score

5 Come up with your advice / suggestions to the client as his Financial advisor

6 Based on Client preferences come up with asset distribution mix

Cash Bond Equities proportions [ refer CAL CML CAPM notes]

7 Write your stock/ bond / T-securities picking / selection strategies.

8 Consider ETF, Index Funds, Mutual Funds

9 Write a portfolio review policy

10 Construct the portfolio using the data 2014-2016 and optimize using Shape ratio

11 Update the portfolio with 2017 2018 2019 data

12 Now compare portfolio performance of 2014-2016 with 2017-2019

13 Suggest a reallocation of assets in the portfolio

14 Conclusion

1 Write A comprehensive written project analysis is due at the beginning of Week 15. Student must submit a 15-20 pages write-up supported by tables of data-analysis in the Appendix. The capstone project analysis encompass (but not limited to) the following areas, for which a score will be given. These 9 scores are for the purpose of validating assurance of learning:

Score 1: The demonstration of the student’s ability to identify how the current financial environment affects the risk and return of the portfolio. (FINC-LO1-A);
Score 2: The student’s ability to extract appropriate financial and accounting data from various sources in order to conduct and support the portfolio analysis (FINC-LO1-B);
Score 3: The student’s ability to use and appraise the data collected in a meaningful way (FINC-LO1-C);
Score 4: The student’s ability to estimate enterprise value creation and extract financial asset values from overall enterprise values (FINC-LO2-A);
Score 5: The student’s ability to evaluate financial assets by reference to peer companies using relevant and appropriate benchmarks of risk and return (FINC-LO2-B);
Score 6: The student’s demonstration of resulting business strategies that may be driven by secondary ramifications (FINC-LO2-C);
Score 7: The student’s ability to assess risk (uncertainty) (FINC-L03-A);
Score 8: The student’s ability to justify her/his recommendation(s) (FIN-LO3-B);
Score 9: The student’s demonstration of understanding the impact of the global environment on portfolio returns and risk (FINC-LO3-C).



Writing Your Investment Policy Statement





[1] A note on School of Management Assurance of Learning Scoring: Scores form the metric for the degree to which the validation (e.g. learning outcome) satisfies the associated learning goal or objective. Assurance of learning validation descriptions identify the criteria for each score that is to be given. Scores are scaled using program or concentration rubrics. It must be noted that scores are to be differentiated from grades. Scores form a criterion from which an instructor will ascertain an overall grade for any instrument of assessment, and the overall assessment the student receives for an instrument is a “grade.” A score is an extraction that specifically measures the degree of attainment of a learning goal and/or objective.

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